Maggie founded Apex Law alongside Mark Blenkarne. She oversees the domestic conveyancing carried out by her team, working close to home at the Bexleyheath office. She deals with the preparation of Property Trusts for her team members, as well as lease extensions for domestic leases, and commercial conveyancing matters for her own referred clients. One recent matter saw Maggie dealing with a development of 69 flats, which all needed lease extensions.

Maggie qualified as a solicitor in 1983, having come into the profession as a junior secretary. She was lucky enough to have some great mentors and role models who helped shape her career and encourage her to go into the law. Maggie is always busy – there’s no such thing as a typical day in law! She will travel to consult with her clients, often meeting them in their own homes to discuss matters over a cup of tea and a biscuit. She also spends time working on marketing for Apex Law, representing the company at events as the face of the business. Maggie is a people person, and the highlight of the job is helping others achieve the results they are looking for.

When she’s not in work, Maggie has many hobbies, including singing, reading, writing, travel, learning languages and supporting West Ham. As a great advocate of charities, Maggie often takes part in community charity work and is the Chair of a local charity for the elderly, which she helped to set up.

Maggie enjoys sharing her legal wisdom with her clients – did you know, it would take 76 working days, at 8 hours a day, to read all the terms and conditions that most people sign up to every year? She is always happy to give advice about everyday legal matters that affect everyone’s lives. If you’re looking for some more light-hearted legal facts, Maggie has plenty. Did you know, it’s illegal to be drunk in charge of a cow in Scotland? A solicitor’s brain is filled with interesting information!